Authorized Applicators
  • Are well-trained in the use of Condor® and/or Wood’s®products.
  • Have a reputation you can depend on.
  • Have experience in the relevant fields of expertise.
  • Can help you with the equipment and resources to get the job done right.
  • Stand behind their work.

Looking for a licensed applicator or reseller?

Most non-commercial prospective users of the products described on these pages will need one of our licensed applicators or resellers. Our applicators and resellers are experts in working with the products we distribute. Contact us , and we will set you up with a regional applicator/reseller with the specialization that suits your needs.

Contact us to learn which applicator/reseller is right for you!

Wanting to become a licensed applicator or reseller?

stabilEarth is looking for qualified organizations to serve as applicators and resellers. To become an applicator/reseller, organizations must first apply. stabilEarth will examine your application to determine whether there is sufficient need for services to justify another applicator/reseller in your proposed territory. Of course, there is a significant advantage if you are the first to apply for your area.


If you are applying to become an applicator, we will review your expertise, available personnel, and equipment available for applying products distributed by stabilEarth. If you do not have the required equipment, then stabilEarth can help you to acquire the necessary gear, but your organization will need to have the financial resources to make the necessary purchases.


If your organization’s application is accepted, you will be eligible to sign up for our training program. Only when your personnel have successfully passed our training program will your organization be allowed to begin business as a licensed applicator.

Licensed applicators and resellers receive these benefits from stabilEarth (these require an investment on the part of the applicator/reseller):


  • Specialized equipment, where needed.
  • Ready-made or customized brochures.
  • Assistance with website design, administration, and hosting.
  • Ongoing training and technical support.

To learn more about becoming a licensed applicator contact us at stabilEarth.