The manufacture of jet fuel, diesel, and related petroleum-based fuels creates byproducts which would ordinarily be disposed of as waste by the industries that produce them. Earth Science Products, the manufacturer of Condor products, rescues some of these byproducts and recycles them into the environmentally-friendly Condor line. The waste leftover from that process, a thick high-carbon content substance, is recycled again to produce bio-diesel fuel and other low-impact substances.

Condor products are all manufactured in concentrate, reducing the amount of fuel consumed during shipping, minimizing the impact of shipping on the environment. Once diluted with water for use, the products are cleaner than tap water from the standpoint of heavy metal content. Condor products have passed numerous tests demonstrating them to be harmless to fish, animals and people, as well as living plants. Condor products, when used at proper concentrations, actually meet EPA requirements for drinking water.


2010, Test America, Brian Cone, CHMM

“…impact to the environment with regard to Condor products would be no more than that experienced by applying similar quantities of potable water that meets EPA drinking water standards.”

1991, State of California Department of Fish and Game, Michael E. Rugg, Assoc. Water Quality Biologist

“…use of dilute Condor SS, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for use directly on soil materials, would not pose a significant risk of violating either FGC 5650 (a) or (f).”

1985, Waterlab, Beth E. Myers

“…meets EPA drinking water allowable maximums.”

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