Condor® SS – Soil Stabilizer

What is Condor® SS – Soil Stabilizer?

Condor SS – Soil Stabilizer is an environmentally friendly chemical soil stabilization product. It is distributed by stabilEarth in concentrated liquid form and then mixed with water by a licensed applicator or properly trained commercial user. The user injects the solution into soil to reduce or eliminate the swelling and shrinking that commonly results when soil with significant clay content becomes wet and subsequently dries.


The formula for Condor SS is a trade secret and is also protected by a patent. You can only obtain it from applicators licensed by stabilEarth or through authorized distributors. stabilEarth applicators and distributors have all been screened to be certain that they have the resources and training necessary to ensure successful applications of the product.


How is Condor® SS used?

Condor SS is used by builders to stabilize soils before construction begins on ground with high clay content. Condor SS – Soil Stabilizer can be used to protect anything that can be damaged from swelling and shrinking soil. It’s an important and inexpensive step to take to prevent costly damage from soil that can swell as much as 15 inches, depending on the circumstances.


In addition to buildings, Condor SS can be used to prepare surfaces for road building, runway construction, or the pouring of parking lots.


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In addition to prepping soil for new construction, Condor SS is extremely valuable in remedial situations where damage from swelling and shrinking soil has already occurred. The product can be injected beneath the affected home, building, or other structure, mitigating continuing future damage.


Once the ground has stabilized, repairs to the structure can be made without the fear that additional damage will occur as soon as seasonal weather changes the moisture content of the underlying soil. Wherever the structure settles after the injection, that’s where it should stay, barring other outside forces beyond those caused by clay absorbing moisture.


How does Condor® SS work?

Soil that contains untreated clay is an imperfect platform for construction. This is because of tiny negative electrical charges present in the structure of the clay. These tiny charges attract water from up to 12 feet away. When billions of these minute charges are combined in a clay mass, the attraction is so strong it can attract water into the clay with a force that will lift structures off their foundations, and cause a “roller coaster” effect in well-built roads. Even the weight of a tall building is not sufficient to make it immune to the destruction caused by these accumulated microscopic charges.


While most stabilization products treat the symptoms of the problem, Condor SS “perfects” the clay by bringing it to a balanced state. We call this the “Condor Effect.”
When the electrical charges in the clay are equally balanced and distributed, the attraction to water is eliminated along with the problems associated with it. Among them, frost heaving, capillary pumping (water moving through the small passageways created when the clay attracted the water initially), swelling, contracting, lateral expansion, poor bearing strength, and a host of other symptoms. Once treated with Condor SS, the clay releases the water.


With this water gone, the weight of the structure, road, or compactor causes the clay structure to “collapse,” closing the tiny capillaries and providing a much stronger building surface with excellent bearing capability.

Condor SS