Foundation Stabilization

As a homeowner you’ve made a big investment. It makes good sense to protect that investment from damage commonly caused by soil that has a relatively high clay content.


Clay has a natural tendency to swell when it gets wet and contract when it dries. This natural process can wreak havoc with your home foundation which can cause unsightly cracks throughout your home. These ugly cracks can lower the value of your home and are expensive to repair. And the most common remedy for foundation cracks, the addition of supporting piers, can be temporary if the clay under your home shifts the foundation off your piers.


Another common remedy is regular watering of the foundation. The idea is to always keep the clay beneath your house wet by continuously watering near your foundation with a soaker hose or irrigation system. Water is more costly every year, so this can become expensive. And it is waste of an increasingly scarce resource. And foundation watering only works if you always water. If you ever let the clay dry, you will have damage, and when you rehydrate the soil, even more damage.


And your home isn’t the only part of your property you need to worry about. If you have a driveway, it too can be cracked and crumbled by the seasonal expansion and contraction of soil. Swimming pools are also susceptible.


Condor® SS – Soil Stabilizer

Condor SS is a scientifically proven liquid product that, when injected into your soil by a qualified technician, will allow the clay in your soil to shed moisture rather than absorbing and swelling during the wet season. This stops soil from expanding during wet times of year, keeping your soil in a more consistent state.


If applied before damage has occurred, Condor SS can prevent cracks from ever occurring. If you already have some damage, you will want to apply Condor SS before making repairs. This can help prevent a recurrence of damage in the future. If injected beneath a damaged foundation, Condor SS can help ensure that piers stay put permanently. Sometimes Condor SS is all you need to stabilize your damaged foundation and piers can be avoided altogether.


Condor SS is perfect for protecting a variety of home assets:


  • Home foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Driveways
  • Walk ways


Environmentally Friendly

Condor SS uses an exclusive trade secret- and patent-protected formula that is exceptionally kind to the environment. When used at the correct concentration, Condor SS actually meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies requirements for drinking water. A variation on the Condor SS formula, Condor AG, is used by farmers to facilitate better growth of food products in clay-based soil.


Condor SS is a safe and healthy way to help to preserve the investment you’ve made in your home.