Road & Runway Stabilization

The Problem


  • Heaving clay soil can do serious damage to roads and runways.
  • Depending on the type and amount of clay present, soil can swell up to 10%, heaving upwards by several inches.


Better solution – Condor® SS – Soil Stabilizer

Condor SS is ideal for stabilizing roads and runways built on clay soil, because it is inexpensive, effective, easy to incorporate, and environmentally safe. There are too methods commonly used for stabilizing roads and runways with Condor SS: sub-base injection and surface mixing.


Sub-base injection is performed with a trailer-mounted injection rig with 2-4 pumping stations. The concentrated product is diluted on site with clean water at a rate of 3-400:1 and injected into the soil at a depth of 4-10 feet on 48 inch staggered centers at a pressure of 1500-2500 psi. Hundreds of linear feet of road per day can be treated in this way.


Surface mixing is accomplished by windrowing the existing (or new) aggregate to the sides of the road, scarifying the road surface, then applying Condor SS at a rate of 4-500:1 using a water truck with a distribution bar. The aggregate is spread normally, making several passes with the water truck in the process. The road surface is then shaped and compacted, preferably with a (minimum) 30,000 pound vibratory compactor. There are variations in the technique for heavy-duty and light-duty roads.


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