Commercial Stabilization

Soil with clay content naturally absorbs and holds moisture. Depending on the type and amount of clay present, clay can swell up to 10%, heaving upwards by several inches. This can cause severe damage to commercial buildings, pad sites, and parking lots.


One solution is to replace clay soil with select fill, but it can be extremely time-consuming and expensive to excavate the clay soil and replace it with fill transported from another site. Mechanical stabilization methods using piers and other techniques can also be employed, but again, these methods can be pricey. Water injection works by making sure that the soil is moist to start with, but this solution is temporary at best. It only delays damage from shrinking that will inevitably occur when the soil dries in the future, not to mention further damage that will be experienced when the wet season returns and the soil swells once again.


A Better Solution – Inject Condor SS – Soil Stabilizer

Condor SS is a scientifically proven liquid product that can make soil with high clay content safe for building. When injected into the soil, Condor SS causes the soil to shed moisture rather than absorbing and swelling during the wet season. This stops clay soil from expanding during wet times of year, keeping the soil in a more consistent state, allowing construction to occur without bringing in select fill or using other expensive measures to counter the adverse effects of clay and variable moisture.


If applied before damage has occurred, Condor SS can prevent cracks from ever occurring. If damage already exists, it is prudent to apply Condor SS before making repairs. This can help prevent a recurrence of damage in the future. If injected beneath a damaged structure, Condor SS can help ensure that mechanical stabilization methods continue to work even in moist conditions.


Typically, Condor SS does not require the purchase of special equipment; the same equipment a contractor might use for water injection can be used to inject Condor SS. Condor SS is much faster and less expensive than digging and moving clay soil and brining in select fill. And Condor SS oftentimes eliminates the need for mechanical stabilization. Even where mechanical stabilization is used, it can be made much more reliable through the use of Condor SS.


Condor SS is more permanent than water injection and is always effective when properly applied to appropriate soil types. It has been proven to be a very reliable solution to swelling and shrinking caused by soils containing clay.


Condor SS is great for:


  • Commercial construction
  • Pad sites
  • Parking lots

Environmentally Friendly

Condor SS does not harm the environment. In fact, when used at proper strength, Condor SS meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for drinking water. In addition, use of Condor SS requires less use of equipment and supplies, further benefiting the environment by reducing energy and materials usage.