Land Decontamination

The Problem


  • Spills of hydrocarbons and their byproducts frequently occur despite organizations’ best efforts to prevent them.
  • Cleanup of sites is expensive.
  • Cleanup is time-consuming, usually taking months and sometimes taking years to complete.


Problematic Solutions


  • Excavating and incinerating contaminated soil is expensive. Some additional contamination is likely during the transportation of material to the incineration site. The incineration itself releases contaminants into the air, trading one form of pollution for another, and air pollution is free to travel over wide distances.
  • Aeration is a slow process and also presents regulatory and environmental risks.
  • Burying contaminated material is a lot like sweeping the problem under a rug. It merely hides the problem without a safe and permanent solution.


Better solution – Bioremediation using Condor® LR – Land Reclaimer


  • What is Bioremediation? It‘s not a product, it is a process. It is the process of recovering land, through natural means, poisoned by toxic contamination. Bioremediation provides a unique, environmentally safe method for returning soils back to their natural state. And it is faster, and less expensive, than any other method known.
  • Bioremediation is the process of returning soil to a healthy state through the use of natural microorganisms, like bacteria, which produce enzymes. In the case of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, the enzymes catalyze, or speed up, the growth of the healthy bacteria, which consume the toxic substances. It is a natural process soils use to maintain health and productivity.
  • What is Condor® LR – Land Reclaimer? Condor LR promotes a favorable environment for native bacteria growth. It does this by assisting in creating an aerobic, or oxygen rich, environment where bacteria can thrive. Once the process starts, it is self-feeding and increases at a rapid rate. As the bioremediation process progresses, Condor LR also works to stimulate a mild biodegradation, a natural process much like composting, that attacks dead organic matter, including all petroleum-based materials, such as fuels, pesticides, herbicides, termiticides, and many other derivatives.
  • How is Condor LR applied? The product is simply mixed with water and then applied by tank sprinkler or an injection system to the contaminated soil.
  • For more information, check out our Condor LR – Land Reclaimer product page.



  • Cheaper
    • No need for expensive excavation equipment or hauling. No need for an incinerator. Just a tank sprinkler and/or injection system.
  • Better
    • Soil stays put and becomes rehabilitated and again useful for supporting growth.
  • Faster
    • Easy to apply PLUS soils can be cleaned up in as little as four to six weeks.
  • Greener
    • Not only is soil restored, but significant pollution is avoided relative to alternative solutions.
    • Deemed safe by the EPA for use in and near groundwater. In fact, actually cleans up ground water, eliminating concerns regarding groundwater discharge.

Works for soil contaminated by

  • Complex hydrocarbons such as PAH’s
  • EDTA
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Dry cleaning chemicals
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuels
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • and many other petroleum-based materials